Howdy all,

This is my first post so I'm not sure if there's a more appropriate way to 
post a "bug" like this one but I've been using git for a few years now and 
having learned most of the idiosyncrasies, there's one that still bugs me. 
 So I'm sure we're all familiar with the behavior or switching branches. 
 Sometimes, when I switch to a branch at an earlier state, some newly added 
files will stick around from the previous (newer) branch which count as 
"new" files to the current (older) branch.  When I do this I'm often just 
switching to the branch to test things out, poke around, and switch right 
back.  At that point, when I try to switch back to the newer branch, I 
can't because "some files will be overwritten" even though those files came 
from the branch I'm trying to switch to!

I'm not exactly sure what should be the preferred behavior.  Maybe git 
could compare these files the ones that would overwrite them, or maybe it 
could delete the files when switching out of that branch.  It would be 
great if this issue could be addressed, though.

-Matt Schoen

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