Hi all,

I have a problem with my build system.

I have a remote server with a relatively large repository (around 12 GB, 
each branch having a size of 3 GB). 

I have also 2 build servers (Mac, Windows) that are cloning the repo from 
the remote.

Sometimes (very often when several git clone are sent at the same time), I 
have the following error:
    remote: internal server error
    fatal: protocol error: bad pack header

I know that it happens when the remote is compressing objects (thanks to 
`--progress -v` flags) because the last line of the log before the erro is:
    remote: Compressing objects:  93% (17959/19284)   [K

 * So I have 2 questions, does anybody what is the problem and what should 
I do?
 * Is there a way to get a more precise log from the remote to debug this 

Thanks in avance


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