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> I am a fairly experienced developer and I have never had issues working 
> with source control tools before git.
> Why do I have to be a source control engineer just to be a software 
> developer?

Every time I see a post like this I always wonder what did the author
really intend to achieve by writing it?

But this is a rather rhetorical question.
The real question is: why did you post this to a technical support
mailing list rather than blogging, tweeting or whatever
buzzword-of-the-day'ing it?

You definitely has the right to express your opinions, vent and so on
but please refrain from polluting the *techincal mailing list* with
such non-constructive whining in the future, thanks.

As to the bits of sense in your post... you basically have these
1) Educate yourself.  Git is not the easiest tool out there but clearly
   there are gazillions of those who use it routinely without apparent
   problems and quite many of them actually enjoy using it.
   I could now go on to explaining why I think there are things about
   Git which compensate for that complexity, but your rant is clearly
   provocative, so I'll refrain.  No holy wars here.
2) I understand there are different mindsets and different preferences,
   so it's okay if Git is not for you or you're not for Git.  No
   problem, really.  For instance, I'm following the Fossil mailing list
   and from time to time one newborn Git refugee or another posts
   about their happy departure from that horrible SCM.  Being a Fossil
   user as well as Git's, I always grin at those stories but I see what
   merits of SCMs those people value most and understand they just
   don't match mine.  So those people have their point, but so do I.
   So why be a Git martyr?  Advocate using another tool to your
   colleagues, to your boss or to whoever is in charge for the selection
   of tools.
3) Quit this job.  This is not a snide remark.  This situation is not
   really different from, say, being forced to program in C++ -- some
   people hate it, some people praise it.

And last but not least: if you have any *constructive* (please re-read
this word several times until it sinks in) criticisms, with clear
use-cases where you can demonstrate what you do, what you get, why you
think what you get is wrong and how do you think Git should behave
instead, please direct them to the main Git list instead, which is
git at vger.kernel.org.  We here have really nothing to do with
someone's ideas about what's wrong with Git as this is merely a support
channel for newbies.
If you think I'm making fun of you directing you to the main Git list,
please don't -- just dig up its archives, and you'll see that features
get updated, implemented and fixed, and documentation improved in
response to constructive complaints.

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