Git is very different than other VCS (like SVN or whatever you used 
before). I suggest reading the Pro Git book with a clear mind, open to new 
ideas, not linking what you read with what you know that command did in 
other VCS.
Git is really not that complicated, as his creator described it, it is a 
stupid content tracker. Please prove yourself smart, and show us that you 
are worth of the "software developer" attribute.

I'll answer you only the last question:
If you will learn how to use git, you will be a better software developer. 
Even if Git is mainly an VCS, it can do more than that, changing the way 
you develop software, letting you do stuff you wouldn't think is possible.
The rest of the questions you will answer yourself in time...

On Tuesday, October 30, 2012 12:31:13 AM UTC+2, kramer.newsreader wrote:
> I am a fairly experienced developer and I have never had issues working 
> with source control tools before git.
> I take a new job.  I am working with git.  I am thinking about quitting 
> over having to use it.
> Every source control tool I have used before has an easy command that 
> says: "Use these changes right here.  Yes there are conflicts, but these 
> are correct."
> How can I get to "Not currently on any branch" when I was on a branch and 
> didn't ask to switch branches?
> Where is that with git?
> Why is the git information model SO COMPLICATED?
> Why can't there be a way to 
> Why is the documentation so inadequate?
> Why do I have to be a source control engineer just to be a software 
> developer?

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