Sometimes if I have a solution open in Visual Studio when I pull from Git ( 
a common situation in this type of development environment ) it seems that 
Visual Studio will have certain files locked so that Git fails to overwrite 

When that happens Git doesn't seem to care- it continues the pull and 
considers my local repository to be up to date. However as the files that 
it hasn't been able to write ( usually .csproj files ) have not been 
updated, nothing will build in Visual Studio or, worse, everything will 
build but some new quirky bugs will have been added or files are missing 
from the project causing unpredictable outcomes.

It would be more useful to me if Git was to fail and rollback the pull if 
there are files it cannot overwrite, rather than just ignoring it. I am 
guessing that this is configurable somewhere but I can't seem to find what 
to search for - can anyone suggest what I need to do?

( if anyone has a good answer to this and wants to win imaginary internet 
cookies for their response, I have asked the same thing over on SE:

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