How robust are git operations against remote repos?

Specifically, I've been looking at a number of Internet postings about 
whether it's possible to restart an interrupted cloning, but I'm now also 
curious about whether other network operations like Fetch, Push, and more 
can recover and continue an interrupted update and transfer of files.

Pls verify that the following commands can restart a partially built 

First Try
$ cd project
$ git fetch
$ git rebase -hard

If "git fetch" does not work, then the following commands

git fsck
git gc

As I stated earlier,
What if any other operation is interrupted before completion? Although "clone" 
more often can be a very long operation, others can be, too..

Fetch - Sounds each time it starts, it will do a local vs remote compare, but 
does that assume uncorrupted metadata which might result from an interrupted 
and uncompleted operation?
Push -  ?
Update - ?



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