On 11/02/12 10:15, Andrej wrote:
> ``git add -p`` allows to interactively decide what is to be staged. It 
> shows hunks of code to you much like ``git diff`` would do. The question 
> is: is it possible  somehow to interactively stage arbitrary differences 
> other than diffs between working tree and HEAD commit (or actually staging 
> area)? Is something like ``git diff tagA branchB | git add -p`` possible? 
> Verbatim, it is not. But is it possible to put it another way somehow?

My previous reply did something upon sending so I don't know if it
made it through.  It sounds like you want "cherry-pick", optionally
stashing your changes beforehand:

  git checkout branchA # target branch
  git stash save "Changes to preserve" # optional
  git cherry-pick tagA..branchB



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