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Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen <tfn...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > Thanks i will look into it. I am basically from windows IIS
> > background. so would have prefered step by step instruction. Will
> > give the links a try.
> You can also try out Gitblit, which is a Java-based Git repository
> manager. It's quite easy to get started with and supports smart-http
> out of the box:
> http://gitblit.com/

Well, the OP could as well try Git Web Access [1] which is a
Windows solution running under IIS.

I'm not sure what would be the speed impact of not using a POSIX system
to host Git--I heard many reports of subpotimal performance of Git on
Windows, but those were mostly about dealing with the work tree
(`git status` et al).
Not sure about the speed of `git upload-pack` on NTFS.
Another problem might be is that Git for Windows is a 32-bit
application, so there might be potential problems handling huge files.
Again, this is a mere hand-waving on my part.

1. http://gitweb.codeplex.com/


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