There are many "git servers" but seeing that your shop is Windows-centric 
recommend to try

It's an actual "git server" (as in exposes Git SmartHTTP protocol) which 
allows it to talk to git clients on windows without needing all that SSH 

You just download and double-click to run. There is also a script that 
makes it a Windows Service (so very suitable for running on actual server).

Written in Python, so you'll need to to install Python runtime + Python 
Windows modules on server.


On Wednesday, November 7, 2012 2:43:53 AM UTC-8, John Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to git. I have to setup a master repo we are working on.
> I did the following.
> Created a new repo (non-bare) on my local machine (c:\work), unzipped the 
> project, added the files, committed.
> I created a bare repo on our server (n:\work).
> Now I want to push from my local repo to the network repo, then my 
> collegues can clone the repo, then can pull and push.
> Is this approach good?


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