On 2012-11-13, at 12:40 AM, krishna chaitanya kurnala <kkc...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Mike
> Thanks for your Responses.
> I am trying to do things like enforce a Bug Id/Story Number, Trigger a 
> Jenkins Build etc. The hooks work on my system. But, My challenge is in 
> having them in all the 500 Developers Desktops.

Then enforce them at integration time, during the pull request. Or, don't force 
them at all. Be sure you need to force such things. If your developers cannot 
follow simple conventions laid out for the project, hire better developers. ;-)

> Git seems to be everywhere these days, what strategies are there to enforce 
> hooks which is an important piece in any VCS? It used be quite easy with SVN.

Yeah, it was easy to be deprived of all of your history due to a flaky network 
connection, easy to create branches and impossible to merge them again. Easy to 
get carpal tunnel from typing those SVN URLs all day long…



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