git is licensed under the GPL. What that means is that if you change git 
itself *and distribute the changed binaries to other users (not in the same 
company)*, then you must make those changes to git available to the people 
who received the binaries.

However, just using git to maintain code does not place any restrictions on 
your own code. You may use git for any purpose you want internally without 
any need of any license. You don't need to license or even register your 
use of git with anybody. Of course, git is maintained by expert volunteers. 
That means that if you want a change or a bug fixed, then the most you can 
do is "humbly request". You don't have any "leverage" like you would with a 
commercial product (well, supposedly you have leverage with commercial 

Bottom line: use git freely with no restriction on how you use it 
internally. Abide by the GPL if you modify git itself and distribute your 

On Tuesday, November 13, 2012 8:51:27 AM UTC-6, Srinivas reddy kukunoor 
> Can I use GIT for developing commercial product? Is there any restriction 
> on number of developers that can concurrently use the SCM? I mean some 
> restriction to acquire a commercial license if more than 50 developers 
> involved?
> Thanks


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