For 'git remote show origin' it shows the same error.
On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 2:01 PM, Konstantin Khomoutov
<> wrote:
> четверг, 15 ноября 2012 г., 11:08:27 UTC+4 пользователь Ankita Poovaiah 
> написал:
>> I have created ssh keys. While trying to push git repository to github it is 
>> showing this error "git push -u origin master
>> fatal: unable to connect to
>> Servname not supported for ai_socktype".
>> What do I need to do?
> Most probably you messed up the URL of your remote repository "origin" when 
> adding it: looks like it has extraneous ":" after the host name ( 
> Could you please show us the output of `git remote show origin`? (If you are 
> using some front-end then look at repository settings there.)
> I think you wil need to change this URL -- just look at your github project's 
> page (while being logged in) as it shows you what URLs you should use for 
> various types of access; pick that for SSH and copy/paste it verbatim to your 
> settings. If you're using plain Git, it's `git remote` command supports the 
> --set-url command-line option.
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