I'd create a bare repository from active one and then copy it on remote. So:

$ cd ~/projects/repo
$ git clone --bare .git ../repo.git
$ cd ../
$ scp -r repo.git user@host://path

From there, you could then add such bare repo to your active repo as a source.

$git remote add origin ssh://user@host/path

Of course, you should always have a Git server running on the remote host.


On Sun, 1 Jan 2012, Newt wrote:


I'm a bit confused with using remote repositories.

I've got a local repository set up. I'm now trying to clone it onto a
network drive.

So locally, I've done:
cd ~/projects

I've then tried:
git clone --bare ./cal2 ssh://<ip address>/volume1/depot/cal2.git

However, all this does is create a new folder in ./cal2 called ssh:
and then creates directories beneath it. That's not what I want. What
am I doing wrong...



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