On Thursday, November 15, 2012 11:17:08 AM UTC+1, smith jack wrote:

> i use git svn to clone svn repo locally, then i push this local git repo 
> to github, 
> after that, i am surprised to find that there is only one branch named 
> master on github, why? there should be more branches on it rather than only 
> one..
> in fact, there are more than 20 svn branches on the svn repo from which i 
> using git svn clone. 
You can set up your local git-svn repo to always push all branches to 
github like this:

In the local repo, add the github remote:

git remote add github [url-to-your-github-repo]

Now, edit the file inside [repo]/.git/config.

Set fetch to do remotes instead of heads (modify the existing line under 
the github remote):

    fetch = +refs/remotes/*:refs/remotes/bare/*

Secondly: Add a push configuration, to push all remotes to heads:

    push = refs/remotes/*:refs/heads/*

Now, pushing to github will push all subversion branches:

git push github

I did a quick demo of exactly this at the time-point 46:50 in this video: 


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