On Monday, November 19, 2012 6:33:40 AM UTC+1, Thomas Koch wrote:

> Hi,
> what would you call best practice for a highly available git hosting 
> setup? We have servers in 3 datacenters. At best a git push should only 
> complete if the data has been stored in at least two datacenters. The git 
> "master" should automatically switch if one datacenter isn't available.

Not really sure what is the problem you are trying to handle here. Server 
availability, backups and redundancy is a very big subject and way out of 
the scope of Git. I would start reading here: 

This is a completely different concern: If you want to make sure that you 
have three separate repositories that are up to date, you can either set up 
each developer repository with each remote and have them push to all three 
repositories when they push. There's no guarantee that each developer will 
set it up correctly though. Another way would be to have developers push to 
a main repository, which has a hook for automatically cascading the pushes 
to the other two.

> P.s. I hope google does not send this message as HTML?

No idea, I also use the Google Groups interface which makes the message 
format kind of transparently.  


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