You might want to give an example of the git clone command you do on the 
system that works, and then also the git clone command you do on the system 
which doesn't work. 

I do something similar. On the local machine I do:

git clone /SmartStor1/Volume1/PUBLIC/git/project.git

on the remote machine, I do:

git clone ssh:user@machine:/SmartStor1/Volume1/PUBLIC/git/project.git

In both cases, I end up with the proper project working directory. Well, 
once I actually do a "git push --all" from my pre-existing local working 
directory (initialized with "git init" and set to the proper distribution 
repository with "git remote add") to get some initial content into the 

On Monday, November 19, 2012 2:00:53 PM UTC-6, Javier Garcia wrote:
> Hi,
> I have created a git bare repository in a remote machine. I don't problems 
> to clone it to my local machine, but when I try to clone it any part of the 
> remote machine it says:
> Initialized empty Git repository in what/ever/.git/
> so it doesn't clone anything. It just creates the typical folders when 
> init a git repo (branches/, config/,...).
> Any idea?


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