On Wednesday, November 21, 2012 3:08:19 PM UTC+1, John McKown wrote:

> I was thinking that the OP was saying that the three operations together 
> were taking a long time. I guess it would be helpful to know which of the 
> commands is taking so long, the "add", "commit", or the "push". If it is 
> the "add", I don't know a way to speed it up. That is all done locally. The 
> same with the "commit". The "push" might be faster to "sneaker net" as I 
> think you were suggesting. But that's only if the repository is being 
> stored somewhere that the OP can get to physically. Trying that on our 
> network here at work would be a "naughty! Slap hands!" situation.

In that case, I suppose the fastest way to go abouts would be first 
compress the files and then send them over the wire. Since Git does exactly 
that as part of its design, I guess a git commit+push is quite close to the 
optimal transfer protocol (plus any eventual pack optimization it does 
locally when committing the files, duration of which would be quite 
negligible, I reckon).


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