On Wed, Nov 21, 2012 at 10:37:14AM -0800, Jeffrey Marans wrote:

> I've been able to write some autobranch code that runs on our bugzilla 
> server against the SVN repos and is triggered by a bugs table update.
> I'm at a loss how to accomplish the same results against the GIT origin.

Could you be more precise about what exactly do you mean by
"autobranching ... triggered by the bugs table update"?
Do you mean forking a branch in a server-side version of a repository
each time someone creates a new bug in your bugzilla?

(Since, at the first glance this idea appears to have little sense, you
should provide more details as I might have guessed wrong.)

That is, please explain the use case.  Like in "1) someone's file a bug
with our bugzilla server; 2) this triggers creation of a new branch
in such and such repo based on such and such premises ...".


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