I have a question about git-p4 submit process:

*def applyCommit(self, id**)*
Is creating patches for git commit that needs to be applied and then tries to 
apply them.

When I try to do this I always get an error that patch is failed. 

>From what I see that error is caused by the fact that the patch is applied to 
>*current *working tree e.g. we try to apply patch for commit master~3 for 
>example while we are standing on master.

Is it intended to work this way?

I've done a small patch of git-p4 that works for me:
instead of creating patches I simply do:
*git checkout -f %applied_commit%*
and after that p4 is able to submit this change cleanly.

After all changes are applied I do a checkout of self.master branch and then 
it's rebased on new p4/master.

Could you please explain what is the correct behavior for git-p4 submit?

Thanks in advance.


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