On Thu, Nov 22, 2012 at 01:16:13PM -0800, ankit sachan wrote:

> *On Linux server: *in the folder /home/user1/  I did 
>          1. "git init"    (this created a .git folder in the current folder)
>          2. created "HelloGit.c" file and commited it to the repo
>  *Now on Windows machine using cygwin,* I am tryin to pull this repo by 
> trying these, none of which work
> 1. "git clone user1@hostname:/home/user1/.git"      (This doesn't work)
>                *Then*
> 2. I tried to create a bare repo and pull on this, so "git init --bare" and 
> "git clone user1@hostname:/home/user1/.git" and still it doesn't work . 

How *precisely* this does not work?
Why people tend to omit the single most crucial part of the problem
statement--the actual error message(s)?


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