On Tuesday, November 27, 2012 6:25:35 PM UTC+1, rupert THURNER wrote:

> hi,
> what is the reason, that msysgit used as subversion client is 10-15 times 
> slower as mercurial, used as svn client? just as an example the runtimes to 
> check for an update:
> $ time git svn rebase
> Current branch master is up to date.
> real    1m31.736s
> user    0m0.015s
> sys     0m0.031s
> $ time hg pull -u
> pulling from svn+https://svn....
> no changes found
> real    0m7.684s
> user    0m0.015s
> sys     0m0.000s
Over a minute for just a svn rebase sounds awfully slow, even accounting 
for git-svn/msysgits rumored performance issues. Which Windows are you 
using? I see there are some issues with Windows 7: 

Other usual suspects are virus scanners, encrypted filesystems, network 
filesystems.. You got any of these?

You could gather up the relevant information (Git version, OS details, etc) 
and report it on the msysgit mailing list here: 

Coincidentially, the msysgit developers were discussing performance 
problems a couple of days ago 
(https://groups.google.com/d/msg/msysgit/yy-yPNxaxgw/b9mX8qdrjNkJ) - so 
you're not the first to complain. 


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