On Thu, 29 Nov 2012 01:30:39 -0800 (PST)
immo <immo.wet...@adtran.com> wrote:

> I was trying to write a git hook with the build in “unix” commands
> from git.
> But xargs doesn’t work as expected
> > git version 1.8.0.msysgit.0 (C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin) 
> C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin>echo -la | xargs ls 
> xargs: ls: No such file or directory
> What can I do to solve this ? 

xargs seemingly fails to locate the "ls" program.
In my Git install, it's present under the %ProgramFiles%\Git\bin.
Supposedly this directory is not on the %PATH% when your hook runs and
so the ls binary is not found.
You could verify this by putting something like
set >%TEMP%\env.txt
in your hook, making it run and then inspecting the generated file.

As to fixing the problem -- I don't know.  I would rather first
identify the true symptoms as described above and then would work from


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