Am Dienstag, 4. Dezember 2012 09:18:13 UTC+1 schrieb Konstantin Khomoutov:
> Your ScriptAliasMatch directive seems to match the URL mentioned in 
> the failing POST request, hence I, personally, can only suspect a 
> problem with configuration for the authentication, which you did not 
> include in your message. 
> git-{upload|receive}-pack do not do any authentication themselves, they 
> just look at the REMOTE_USER environment variable which is supplied by 
> the web server, and contains the identity of the authenticated user. 
> So the problem should (supposedly) root in the web server configuration. 
Sorry, I have forgot this lines for the authentification, so:
    <LocationMatch "^/git/myrepo/git-(upload|receive)-pack$">               
        AuthType Basic                                                     
        Require valid-user                                                 
        AuthName "Repository"                                               
        AuthUserFile /access.myrep                                         
Authentification is Apache part, but the 401 error is only exists on git 
clone, so I don't understand
the problem, because the ScriptAliasMatch  must also match on push or pull 
and then it works



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