I hesitate to mention this, but have you looked at submodules? It is, kind 
of, similar to what you seem to want. Each eclipse project is in its own 
subdirectory of the same parent. The parent is a "superproject". From my 
reading, this is "cutting edge" in git. I.e. it is new and still changing. 
I am a bit uncomfortable mentioning it, but I don't believe in protecting 
people from themselves. Your foot, your bullet.


On Thursday, December 6, 2012 12:22:58 PM UTC-6, Jeffrey Marans wrote:
> Can I create multiple eclipse projects using the same GIT repository 
> without sub-repositories or the need to re-clone the repository each time?
> It seems that when one creates a project in eclipse it saves a .project 
> file into the repository making it impossible to create another.


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