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lei yang <yanglei.f...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I have two tree A and B,
> A: git://github.com/lei/A.git
> B: git://github.com/lei/B.git
> B is like
> [lyang0@ubuntu B]$ ls
> benchmark  box-opening  kvm
> I want merge A tree to B,
> 1) put A's content to the "kvm" directory of B
> 2)I want to keep all the A's commit log(history) into B's tree
> can you give me some instruction?  Thanks

This is what the "add" commmand of git-subtree [1] does.
Note that since 1.7.11, this script is included in Git, in its
"contrib" directory, so it's callable from there.

1. https://github.com/apenwarr/git-subtree


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