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> Thanks. I had forgotten that encrypting data tends to "randomize" it and so
> it wouldn't compress very well. What I was thinking was of was GitHub's
> private repositories perhaps containing company proprietary software. It
> might be attractive to a startup which recruits non-local talent and does
> its work via the Internet rather than in an office building. In that case,
> my paranoia would kick in about the possibility of GitHub being "hacked" and
> my source stolen or compromised. I guess in this case, it would be wise for
> the startup to run a GitHub Enterprise virtual server on its own equipment.
> Or, like I do, have a "git" subdirectory on a machine which contains the
> various repositories and is accessible only via SSH. I.e. keep it "in house"
> with external developers having an SSH connection to the "git server".

You may be interested in using gitolite
https://github.com/sitaramc/gitolite to host your repositories "in
house". The setup is easy and you will get many features that github

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