> From: lalebarde <l.aleba...@free.fr>
> I am building a new SaaS product and a new company for it. This product 
> will add some functionalities to Git via hooks. So I don't modify Git nor 
> redistribute it. My service will be accessible by configuring the Git 
> config file.
> Can I advertise my product with mention to Git ? Something like "Git 
> integrated" or "A hook for Git" or "Works with Git" or "Makes Git a 
> all-in-one solution for blablabla" ?
> Can I use the Git logo for it ?
> Where is the best place to ask permission for it ?

My understanding is that you can use the *name* Git in any sentence
that is accurate.  You have to make sure that it is clear that you are
not selling Git.  You may have to add a footnote saying that "Git is a
trademark owned by [whoever it is]".

The Git logo is copyrighted, and the rules regarding copyright are
different in different countries.  Generally, you have to find who
owns the copyright and get their permission to use it.

--> In any case, if there is significant money involved (and there
is), you should hire a lawyer.  (If you wanted to work with complex
software, you would hire someone who understands complex software.)



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