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Il 19/12/2012 21:30, Dimitris Papageorgiou ha scritto:
> Do you think git would be useful for a solo developer as I am right now?

Of course.

> I am developing a web app alone-no other developers.
> VCS is always useful kind of aid for a developer.
> But I think Git is intended more for teams of developers that wotk on
> the same project
> so that they can take advantage of Git's distributed functionality.
> I am asking these things because I am complete beginner in Git and in
> general to version control systems

I'm in the same situation.
In the past I used Subversion, then Mercurial and now I'm starting to
use Git.

First of all, a DVCS is much more flexible, compared to traditional VCS.
Just think about the case when you develop some common code in a
separate library, and you want to release it under an open source license.

With a DVCS sharing it is not a problem.
In the past there was not even support for mirroring a Subversion

Another useful feature of git (and mercurial) is the ability to amend a
commit (and I use it a lot!).

Compared to Mercurial one critical benefit of Git is easy branch support.
I suggest you to read the Pro Git book, and compare it with the
Mercurial book and the Subversion book (all available free online and as
a PDF).

Working in topic branches really change your way of working.
With Mercurial usually I ended up in chaos, when I was working on
multiple things at once.

Regards   Manlio
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