I have what is probably a silly question.  Short background:  I hate SVN 
and finally got my boss to agree to move to git, if I can make him happy 
with it.  I started looking at migrating today and ran the following 
command for our relatively small repo.  It should be noted that I have the 
standard /trunk/branches/tags directories from the svn_url:

git svn clone <svn_url> --authors-file=users.txt --no-metadata -s 

The repo itself looks to have been created with all revisions, but the tags 
and branches are missing.  When I CD into the directory and type "git tag 
-l" it comes up empty, and when I type in "git show-branch" I get one 
entry, which isn't really a branch at all.  Just a revision where the 
comment had b as the first letter.

For what it's worth, both the svn server and the new git installation are 
on windows boxes.  Not sure the version on svn, but I think it may have 
been Visual SVN."  svn server is the latest version of git on Windoes 
Server 2008R2 x64.

I asked for help on the irc channel before I wrote this, and didn't get 
much, but some one had me run git branch -a.  The results look about like 

* master

So lots of questions:  Why do some of the branches and tags show up with an 
@pegrev and not others?  Maybe it's something I don't need to worry about, 
but what is it?  Since these are showing up as remote, does that mean that 
they are in the svn repo only?  Big question I guess is what am I doing 
wrong?  How do I import my svn repo into git, complete with branches and 

As a bonus question, how do I do that into a bare git repo?  The best 
method I've found so far is to clone it "local" and then "git clone --bare 
<Git_Repo_Name> <git_repo_name>.git"  Will that even work?  Is it the best 
way for a bare repo migrated from svn?

Any help would be appreciated.




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