Hi, I just screwed my repo and need advice on how to get it back.

I have been doing some major work on a project, and was finally ready to 
push it. Foolish me did the work in master. So I go to push and I am told, 
"To prevent you from loosing history non-fast-forward updates were 
rejected...". Yatta yatta. I don't see why I got this message at all. I am 
the only person who has worked on the project and this is the only repo 
that has ever pushed upstream. So I figure whatever it is, it much be some 
miniscule change, nothing to fuss over. And as the instructions say, "Merge 
the remote changes (e.g. 'git pull'), before pushing again", I did so.

I got six huge CONFLICTS and 5 files were DELETED! :-( I can fix the 
conflicts, but how do I get the deleted files back? I tried to checkout the 
last commit reference but it won't let me do so until all the conflicts are 

At this point I am scared to breath hard on my keyboard. I don't want to do 
anything until I get some expert guidance for risk of loosing the files for 


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