My guess would that you did a 'commit amend' (or small rebase) locally that 
slightly changed your line of development relative to your last push. As far as 
the git sha1 hash is concerned a slight change and a ginormous change are the 
same 'they are different'!
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  Thanks guys! Very helpful information. Allowed me to be confident about 
proceeding. Problem has been fixed and it went smoothly.

  I am still not sure how the repo could have gotten in that state since I am 
just about 100% positive there was no other push from anywhere. I will have to 
investigate more when I find the time.

  That is one nice thing about git though, despite the convoluted interface and 
strange states I sometimes find my repos in, i have pretty much always been 
able to recover my work.

  Thanks for the help.


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