Just a quick reply here:

The first idea is to stop trying to control the state of the git-svn clone 
with git-svn rebase. Instead: Just let git-svn fetch to the latest HEAD in 
SVN, and then afterwards *reset* the git-svn repo to the revision you want. 
Something like this (given an argument SVN revision as REV):

git svn fetch
git reset --hard `git log --grep $REV --pretty=format:%H`
git tag successful-build-of-revision-$REV

The second idea, or rather: question, is what are you trying to achieve 
here? For what to do you need this repo which is in the state of the last 
successful build? Could you maybe have your build server automatically 
create a tag whenever there is a successful build, and then use that tag to 
achieve what you need (like I do in the example command above)?


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