On Friday, January 4, 2013 5:30:20 AM UTC+1, Yoshiki Vázquez Baeza wrote:

> Hello John,
> Thanks for the prompt response, this brings me to a second question, is 
> there a "standard" version of git that is installed in most systems or what 
> seems to be the most widely used version of git that people use. Sorry if 
> this question is to broad.

No, some operating systems come pre-installed with some version of Git, 
others have settled on some version. As operating systems are used in 
various versions, and each of them will have their own considered stable 
versions of Git, it's hard to say which is the most common. 

Luckily, there is an annual Git Survey which investigates this, among other 


As you can see in there, most people are on Git 1.7 (84%), and some 
(probably more by now) have gone on to 1.8 (10%).

In my opinion, it would be fair to require your users to upgrade to Git 1.7 
or newer. 


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