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gaug...@gmail.com wrote:

> I have installed EGIT plugin my eclipse.
> I tried checking importing the files from using the plugin by
> choosing the URI option in eclipse and got an Unknown Host Exception.
> These are the setting i gave:
> 1) URI  : user@hostname:/path/to/repo
> 2) Host : hostname
> 3) Repository Path : /path/to/repo
> 4) Protocol :SSH
> 5) Port : 22
> 6) user : username
> 7) pwd : password
> Is there any place that in need to enter the ip address. The server
> is on my lan and I can access and work on my repo using putty. What
> info is missing here.

I have no experience with Eclipse but I might have a clue for you.
The manual page of `git clone` specifies under its "GIT URLS" section
that two valid URL syntaxes for SSH protocol are:

1) Base:


2) Alternative, scp-like:


As you can see, if you do not specify the schema ("ssh://"), then the
colon after the host part must be followed by a port number or, if the
port number is omitted, must not be present.  In the alternative case,
there's no slash ("/") after the colon.

I do not understand the settings you cited as what's specified under
points 2..7 duplicates what's specified under point 1 (the URI).

In either case, I would first try to set your URI to


and then would try to reconcile this with the rest of the settings.
Probably you can try to leave only the URI and remove the rest of the
settings, or leave the settings as is but remove the URI -- all I can
tell is that they duplicate each other so I don't really see a point.


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