Can Git do some or all of the things listed below?  If so, I'd appreciate 
some recommendations for each piece of the puzzle... TIA!
I am attempting to select a good SCM for our particular development 
circumstances, and Git has been selected for the short-list.
We have a small development team working out of our geographically distant 
homes on a multi-platform application written in several languages.  At the 
risk of starting a holy war, any recommendations you might have are most 
welcome.  Thanks in advance!
1. A general architecture as follows:
     a. Distributed repository model where local "branches" are pemitted 
and all repositories are kept in sync with "reasonable" latency (I believe 
Git does this; please correct me if I'm wrong)
     b. Capable of synchronization with a secure repository in the cloud as 
redundant off-site storage (either free or subscription)
2. Provide a seamless developer SCM experience from within the following 
development environments:
     a. Microsoft Visual Studio (HTML/JavaScript/C# development for 
PC/Windows and Windows Phone)
     b. Eclipse (HTML/JavaScript/Java development for Android devices)
     c. Apple Xcode (HTML/JavaScript/Objective-C development for Mac/OS X, 
iPad, iPod, and iPhone)
3. Provide full-featured user interfaces for the following 
platforms (particularly where IDE integration in #1 above is not available):
     a. PC with Microsoft Windows 7 (GUI and command shell, preferrably 
     b. Mac with OS X 
     c. Browser-based web interface for the secure repository in the cloud 
(for use on machines/devices where Git is not installed)


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