Ericsson is looking for DevOps candidates with very good experience to 
develop and support global services for Gerrit, Jenkins and other tools in 
the continuous integration domain. You can access the full description on 
LinkedIn at

or read it below. Note that each tool will be handled in it's own service 
so experience in all of them is not required however if you do have larger 
experience you'll be potentially able to get involved in multiple areas.

If interested please contact **. 

*Job description*

Ericsson is putting in place global services to support few main 
applications in the area of version control and continuous integration, 
more specifically Gerrit, Jenkins, Maven and Repository Management 

The services scope is to deliver a common platform: enterprise grade 
application infrastructure, user support, best practices, and communities. 
The R&D projects then use that platform to define and perform own 

The responsibilities can cover any of the following aspects: development, 
deployment, administration, operations, troubleshooting and support. The 
candidate will be part of a team and may also coordinate technical 
activities, using Agile methods (Scrum, Kanban). 

The team is responsible of the *application* layer, the underlying IT 
infrastructure (e.g. OS, hardware, storage, network …) been supported by 
other IT services. The team will provide requirements to those services and 
be actively involved in reviewing their solutions. 

As such we need candidates that have solid experience in deploying, 
administering and supporting on a large scale the tools in scope or similar 
applications, have good experience with those tools are power users, solid 
knowledge of IT, good communication, coordination and planning skills. Java 
programming and debugging is also a strong asset.

*This position is located in Ericsson Montreal (Canada)*.

*Main responsibilities*

·         Investigation, analysis, definition and implementation

·         System administration (installations, upgrades, expansions, 
multi-siting e.g. Gerrit mirrors, virtualisation, etc)

·         Development (live Java application debugging, scripts, plugins)

·         Interfacing with solution providers, including Ericsson IT , or 
relevant open source communities

·         Internal customer support (technical, usage)

·         Participation to internal communities, drive and consolidate best 

·         Planning and coordination of team activities



Education: Bachelor's degree in Engineering, or Computer Science. 

Pertinent Experience: Minimum 5 years in development and operations of the 
tools in scope or similar. 

*Competencies (not all required, the more the beter)*

·         Very good knowledge of Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, Maven

·         Very good experience in system / application administration

·         Good knowledge of software CM (version control tools and build 
management in general)

·         Good general IT knowledge. 

·         Good software development experience, preferably with Java and 
with at least one of: Python, Groovy, Shell scripting. 

·         Good database administration knowledge (MySQL, PostgreSQL). 

·         Good customer handling skills.

·         Ability to solve problems quickly and completely, and document 

·         Ability to identify recurring tasks which require automation and 
automate them.

·         Strong inter-personal and communication skills. Must enjoy being 
part of a team, and be a team player. 

·         Good leadership, planning and coordination skills

·         Fluent in english (written/spoken)


The following skills are considered assets: 

·         Experience with managing multi-user applications on Linux. 

·         Good Linux system administration skills.

·         Good virtualization knowledge
·         Knowledge of Agile methods (SCRUM, Kanban), capable to manage 
team planning (e.g. Scrum master)

*Company Description*
A connected world is just the beginning.

*Ericsson* is the world’s leading provider of technology and services to 
telecom operators. Ericsson is advancing its vision of being the “prime 
driver in an all-communicating world” through innovation, technology, and 
sustainable business solutions.

We now stand on the brink of fundamental innovation opportunities across 
industries, public services and in private life. We are moving from the 
information society to the Networked Society, where the primary concern is 
not having access to information, but what benefit you get out of it.

It took 100 years to connect 1 billion places and 25 years to connect 5 
billion people. The next step is connecting things. Ericsson envisions 50 
billion connected devices as a starting point for new ways of innovating, 
collaborating, and socializing. The result will be simplified processes, 
higher productivity, real-time information allowing quicker, more informed 
decision-making or problem solving when relevant, and monitoring. 
The Networked Society changes the logic of how society works. It is our job 
to take the lead in enabling this, and we are shaping our decisions around 
that. The ICT industry can help address our world’s major concerns in 
climate change, health care, education, and more. 

• You find us in 180 countries
• We are more than 100,000 employees
• We have more than 30,000 patents
• 40% of mobile calls are made through our systems
• More than 2 billion people globally use our networks

*Ericsson Canada Inc*. is one of Ericsson’s largest R&D and Services 
centers outside Sweden, contribute to many IT global services and provide 
complete communication solutions including wireless network technology, 
advanced Mobile Internet Solutions, IP and Data Systems, Transmission 
Solutions and Managed & Consulting Services. We strive to consistently 
deliver on time, on cost and with high quality. Our strength lies in our 
diversity and competence as a unit and our ability to attract innovative 
people to our organization



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