On Thursday, January 10, 2013 1:03:40 AM UTC+1, Ryan Hodson wrote:

> Hey Git Users! 
> I wrote a Git book awhile ago, and I've recently released the entire 
> thing for free at http://rypress.com/tutorials/git/index.html. It 
> covers a lot of the basic concepts that beginners ask about on this 
> list, so I thought it would be a helpful future reference for 
> everyone. 
> If Thomas, Konstantin, Dale, John, or any of the other regular posters 
> had some time to look at it, feedback would be greatly appreciated 
> (topics you would like to see added, custom configurations that you 
> use everyday, etc). 
Wow, that looks amazing. Great layout, design, illustrations.. I haven't 
got the time right now to dig through the content, but it looks really 

I like the "webdesign" examples. Nice detail that you can download the 
example repo for each module.

Well done! I'll share it on twitter and google+. I hope you get some 
sponsors on the tutorial, cause it definitely deserves it.


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