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> Has anyone run into a problem where you cherrypick a gerrit and all the 
> files are not present?following is the sequence of commands I do..
> any thoughts on what could be the reason?
> are there ways other than cherrypicking to sync a file?
>     repo init -u git://git.company.com/platform/manifest.git -b 
> jb_2.2_rb2_5
>     repo sync vendor/com/proprietary/code
>     git fetch ssh://
> usern...@review-android.company.com:29418/platform/vendor/com-proprietary/coderefs/changes/42/185542/2
>  && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD

This is very hard to figure out with having access to your gerrit instance 
or the patches within it.

Could you try cherry-picking off a public Gerrit instance and see if you 
see the same effect?

Here are a few public ones you can choose from: 

Could it be that the change-set you are cherry-picking depends on another 
change-set that introduced the files you are missing?

What is the output of the cherry-pick command?


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