> From: Russell <im.russell.smi...@gmail.com>
> The problem is that the local files and the files in the repo end up out of 
> sync. The local files have the old date, but the repo has the modified 
> date. I have to rm the file and git checkout <myFile> to get the change in 
> my local directory; strangely git checkout --force doesn't pick up the 
> change either.

Half of your problem is clear:  When you check in a file, the
version that gets into the repository is processed as you've arranged for it
to be.  But of course, that doesn't change the file in the working
copy, because that file isn't changed during the checkin process.

Exactly why "checkout --force" doesn't work, I don't know.  But
presumably git has recorded somewhere that the contents of the
repository were generated from the working copy file, and thus
considers them "the same".  Probably this stems from the same design
assumption that called the operation "clean", that is, that the file
contents before and after the transformation are considered to be
functionally the same.


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