On Sunday, January 13, 2013 10:42:11 AM UTC+1, python...@gmail.com wrote:

> I made some changes to one of files locally,I want to commit the change 
> but when i do "git status" I get the following message,how can I commit the 
> change I made?
> # On branch upload_branch
> # Your branch is ahead of 'quic/master' by 1 commit.
> #
> nothing to commit, working directory clean

First thing I would do is to check if you actually did change the file.

Then I would check that the file is not among the ignored files: "git clean 
-nX" will show you which ignored files are present, as they would be 
removed, but it doesn't actually clean them (-n means dry-run, -X means 
ignored files). 

You could also do a "git show" to check the last commit if you've 
accidentally already committed the changes. Or "git log -p" to look through 
the recent changesets.


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