I have the following recent commits when I do "git log --oneline"...I want 
to rebase to "8ec2027",I tried some rebase commands that didnot work..what 
is the exact command to do this?

2503013 code: cs release
269ed14 code: Fixed below issues due to which 2nd client is not associating 
to GO
dca02a3 code: Donot allow the scan during WPS/EAPOL exchange.
b2fee57 code: MCC Adaptive Scheduler
6af29c4 code: Not able to connect more then 10 STA
150aacd code: Fix the Max Tx power value in 5G band and .ini support for 11h
8ec2027 Merge "code: cs release"
9015b60 Merge "code: Quarky Support on Prima"


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