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> I have the following recent commits when I do "git log --oneline"...I want 
> to rebase to "8ec2027",I tried some rebase commands that didnot work..what 
> is the exact command to do this?
> 2503013 code: cs release
> 269ed14 code: Fixed below issues due to which 2nd client is not associating 
> to GO
> dca02a3 code: Donot allow the scan during WPS/EAPOL exchange.
> b2fee57 code: MCC Adaptive Scheduler
> 6af29c4 code: Not able to connect more then 10 STA
> 150aacd code: Fix the Max Tx power value in 5G band and .ini support for 11h
> 8ec2027 Merge "code: cs release"
> 9015b60 Merge "code: Quarky Support on Prima"
> ......

The question, as it currently stands, has no sense as you you did not
tell what exactly do you want to rebase onto 8ec2027, and why.  Rebasing
might have several purposes which require different approaches to
calling `git rebase`.

What you should tell us instead should go like this: "I have this set of
branches (branches named here), and I want branch «foo» to be rebased
onto the commit «xyz» of the branch «bar»".  Or like "I want to rephrase
the commit message of the commit «dca02a3» ..." and so on.
Otherwise your question sounds like there's some secret true-for-all way
to call `git rebase`, just the manual doesn't tell you what it is.

Also note that not telling us which commands you tried, and they "did not
work", also is not going to help us understand what task you intend to


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