I've just moved a monolithic svn repo to git, and divided it into multiple 
git repos, one per project.

Generally, this is the structure I want. There is one project per repo and, 
while I do work on multiple projects in any given week, each check-in will 
be local to a single project.

But, I sometimes will want to deal with the entire set as a whole, e.g., 
when moving my total history to a new machine.
What's the best way to manage this?  My first thought was git submodules. 
But, their doc suggests that they always point to an exact commit. For my 
purposes, I want to always point a the head of each ssubproject.

So, I'm puzzled as to what is the best tool for me? git submodule with some 
flag? A simple script enumerating all the projects? Something else?

Note: that a nice-to-have feature would be that any new project would be 
automatically added to the master list, or at least would make its absence 
noted. (E.g., if I used submodules, they'd each be in a subdirectory of the 
master list repo, so new projects would appear as untracked files).



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