I try to rebase our whole history (~1500 commits) onto a quite empty 
branch, only including a single commit (creating the base-directory - so 
there is nothing conflicting in there). I want to do this, because our 
project was developed on a git-repository but now we have to make our stuff 
available on a subversion-repository. So I created the target directory on 
subversion, added it with "git svn init" to my local git-repo and checked 
out a branch (git branch -b svn trunk). Now I want to add our commits to 
this branch to import it into the subversion-repository. (I don't want to 
add the single svn-commit to master, because I had to force-push master 
afterwards leading to lot's of trouble with already checked-out or local 
branches, I think)

After quite a lot of reading and try-and-failing with the arguments of 
git-rebase, I think, "git checkout svn; git cherry-pick <first-sha>; git 
rebase -p --onto svn <first-sha> master" is the correct way to go.
But when I call the rebase, I get lot's of conflicts I have to solve 
manually. It looks like these are the same conflicts, which where already 
solved in the various merge-commits in our history, so I'm confused why I 
have to solve all these conflicts again.

Can you tell me, where I missed something? If you know any smarter way to 
solve this task, I'd be happy to hear :)

Thanks in advance,
  Stefan Schulze


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