On Friday, January 11, 2013 5:41:39 PM UTC-5, Dale Worley wrote:
> Half of your problem is clear:  When you check in a file, the 
> version that gets into the repository is processed as you've arranged for 
> it 
> to be.  But of course, that doesn't change the file in the working 
> copy, because that file isn't changed during the checkin process. 
> Exactly why "checkout --force" doesn't work, I don't know.  But 
> presumably git has recorded somewhere that the contents of the 
> repository were generated from the working copy file, and thus 
> considers them "the same".  Probably this stems from the same design 
> assumption that called the operation "clean", that is, that the file 
> contents before and after the transformation are considered to be 
> functionally the same. 
Isn't git using the SHA1 hash to distinguish files? If so, there should be 
a different hash for the local copy and the repo copy - and somehow it 
should be clear that the repo copy is newer so I expected that at the very 
least git checkout would work without --force.

Is this a bug in git?


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