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> 1. I am trying to apply a commit which was done a while back on the HEAD.
> git log --oneline shows the following and lets say I want to apply the 
> commit 2618b13 on the HEAD.
> 2617b13
> 2614b13
> 2611b13
> 2618b13
> 2618b13 --> I want to apply this change on the HEAD
> I am trying the following command but 
> 1.git format-patch 2618b13f479b45f49ee08ffb2203d875882dea3e^..
> 2618b13f479b45f49ee08ffb2203d875882dea3e 
> creates a patch cleanly
> 2.Now I want to apply this patch am using patch -p1 
> 0001-Update-Android.mk-to-only-support-Open-Source-builds.patch,it gets 
> stuck
> How to proceed..are there any other options to do the above?

Yes, this is `git cherry-pick 2618b13`.

But note that if your `git log --oneline` was made against the HEAD (you
did not tell us), then it seems you're doing it wrong: if you want to
apply a commit recorded on a branch *again,* this means the changes it
introduced have been effectively cancelled by other commit(s) recorded
later.  If this is the case, you should better use `git revert` to
undo those commits rather than re-introduce already existing commit and
create confusion for someone who will later read this.


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