On Tue, 22 Jan 2013 00:46:55 +0800
lei yang <yanglei.f...@gmail.com> wrote:

> lyang001@lyang0-9010:~/kvm_32/layers/oe-core$ git blame -c
> meta/conf/bitbake.conf
> 9cb71137 meta/conf/bitbake.conf         (Khem Raj
> 2011-03-17 16:54:30 -0700 524) FULL_OPTIMIZATION = "-O2 -pipe
> lyang001@lyang0-9010:~/kvm_32/layers/oe-core$ git show 9cb71137
> git blame tells me 9cb71137  ever change it .but it doesn't all the
> commit that change it ever, an help

I fail to parse this question, so here are a couple of guesses.

If you know the line containing "FULL_OPTIMIZATION" in the file of
interest has been changed by more than one commit throughout the
history of modification to this file, and you're puzzled about why
`git blame` only shows you just one commit, then the question is: this
is by design as `git blame` only shows the last commit changed each
line in the file (as clearly stated in the manual).

If you want to list all commits which made a modification touching a
line containing the "FULL_OPTIMIZATION" substring in a specific file,
you should instead use `git log` with its "-S" command-line option, like

$ git log -F -SFULL_OPTIMIZATION -- meta/conf/bitbake.conf


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