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"The only little problem is that git svn does not recognize Subversion tags as 
such and therefore converts them to Git branches instead of tags."

Is that part of the problem? Or is it that svn2git won't accept / parse the 
trailing space?

[It's not my area of expertise...]
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  Subject: [git-users] Trying to convert svn repos to Git repos

  Hi there
  I have started recently to use Git. Since I have been using svn for a couple 
of year I would like to convert those svn repos including their history to Git 
repos. I have converted already some repos, which is certainly time-consuming, 
but it seems to work. Unfortunately, I have now one svn repos which I cannot 
convert. Obviously I had created by accident a tags folder with an additional 
blank at the end. I never noticed all those years. svn does not have an issue 
with this at all. However, when doing a "git svn clone" it stop there. 
Certainly I can rename the tag folder and remove the blank, but it will not 
help, because the rename is somewhere later in the history. 
  The repos is on a server and I made a dump from it. The dump file can be 
edited and the space removed. I can create another svn repos locally and it 
seem to be created fine.
  The first issue I was running into was the newer format. i am using the 
newset subversion (format=4) and git svn does understand only format=2. So I 
was creating a svn repos with the older version and could load again the dump 
successfully to this repos. Unfortunately, I still have problems to to clone. 
Now it report an error "Permission denied: Can't open '/tmp/report.tmp' : ..." 

  Anyone an idea what to try next? 
  Thanks in advance


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