Thanks for your reply. 
As noted I started a couple of days back with Git. I am still in a phase 
trying to navigate towards a strategy for myself. This means also to find 
if I am heading towards a dead end with stupid ideas or that I am doing 
complete nonsense. 
The white-space issue comes through a tag I have set a couple of years 
back. So there is an entry "tags/blabla " in the subversion repos. The 
sequential handling of the svn repos with git-svn gets stuck there. I could 
not find a way around this. My guess is that the white-space was introduced 
by accident on windows by Tortoise-SVN. So the question is: Is this a one 
case occasion or not? Therefore, is it worth a bug report? 

I had pulled a dump of the remote repos. I could remove the extra 
white-space with an editor and even load the dump into a local repos. 
Surprisingly this worked without a problem. Only the format issue came into 
play at this point. I will file a report to the developers on the format 
issue a bit later. 
At the moment I am a bit po'ed about getting stuck with converting. I need 
to make a decision to continue or stop and stay with svn. 

On Tuesday, January 22, 2013 8:18:38 AM UTC+1, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen 
> On Monday, January 21, 2013 9:10:07 PM UTC+1, waas.nett wrote:
>> Hi there
>> I have started recently to use Git. Since I have been using svn for a 
>> couple of year I would like to convert those svn repos including their 
>> history to Git repos. I have converted already some repos, which is 
>> certainly time-consuming, but it seems to work. Unfortunately, I have now 
>> one svn repos which I cannot convert. Obviously I had created by accident a 
>> tags folder with an additional blank at the end. I never noticed all those 
>> years. svn does not have an issue with this at all. However, when doing a 
>> "git svn clone" it stop there. Certainly I can rename the tag folder and 
>> remove the blank, but it will not help, because the rename is somewhere 
>> later in the history. 
>> The repos is on a server and I made a dump from it. The dump file can be 
>> edited and the space removed. I can create another svn repos locally and it 
>> seem to be created fine.
>> The first issue I was running into was the newer format. i am using the 
>> newset subversion (format=4) and git svn does understand only format=2. So 
>> I was creating a svn repos with the older version and could load again the 
>> dump successfully to this repos. Unfortunately, I still have problems to to 
>> clone. Now it report an error "Permission denied: Can't open 
>> '/tmp/report.tmp' : ..." 
>> Anyone an idea what to try next? 
>> Thanks in advance
> If you find issues with git-svn respecting the newer versions/formats of 
> Subversion, it should be reported to the developers. See 
> The same goes for any problems with handling white-spaces. 


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