On Tuesday, January 22, 2013 11:36:02 AM UTC+1, waas.nett wrote:
> Thanks for your reply. 
> As noted I started a couple of days back with Git. I am still in a phase 
> trying to navigate towards a strategy for myself. This means also to find 
> if I am heading towards a dead end with stupid ideas or that I am doing 
> complete nonsense. 
> The white-space issue comes through a tag I have set a couple of years 
> back. So there is an entry "tags/blabla " in the subversion repos. The 
> sequential handling of the svn repos with git-svn gets stuck there. I could 
> not find a way around this. My guess is that the white-space was introduced 
> by accident on windows by Tortoise-SVN. So the question is: Is this a one 
> case occasion or not? Therefore, is it worth a bug report? 

Yes. If it's possible in SVN, then it ideally should be handled by git-svn. 
Just make sure you have the latest version of git to make sure this hasn't 
been fixed in recent versions. It has at least been mentioned on the 
mailing list at some 

> I had pulled a dump of the remote repos. I could remove the extra 
> white-space with an editor and even load the dump into a local repos. 
> Surprisingly this worked without a problem. Only the format issue came into 
> play at this point. I will file a report to the developers on the format 
> issue a bit later. 
> At the moment I am a bit po'ed about getting stuck with converting. I need 
> to make a decision to continue or stop and stay with svn. 

Everything has costs and benefits. If moving to Git is not critical for 
you, I'm sure the time can be well invested elsewhere.


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